Please carefully read these Terms for EfarePlus in the United States and territories binding agreement under its legal and contractual authority. As an important notification of user agreement to terms and conditions with EfarePlus located in Los Angeles, California owning, possessing and supplying restricted benefits included but not limited to beta programs, content, products, websites, applications, services, assets, mobile apps and marketing materials, intellectual property and so on inclusive; collectively Efare excursions or services (under trademark and copyright laws) EfarePlus reserves the right to seek compensation through (civil and/or criminal) law for any mismanagement of the above.

In agreement for use of EfarePlus, EfarePlus establishes the regulations and rules that governs access and use for owners, owner-operators and clients: you, the individual or the entity you represent, the affiliates, groups, partners and/or others. As private contractors, users, riders, vendors, suppliers, third parties and others who have the right, authority, warrant, legal age, under applicable law and binding contract with EfarePlus are hereby notified that, EfarePlus shall manage access and has the right to immediately terminate and deny access to any services for anyone, group or any relationship and cease these Terms at will and for any reason especially in the case of misuse FRAUD or illegal activities.

Upon posting on EfarePlus (or other verbal or written communication) you agree to all Terms with your current profile, accurate information and valid payment method; user account created and maintained by you on EfarePlus, you acknowledge, concede to EfarePlus and understand the agreement and accepting all EfarePlus terms, amendments and modifications. This also includes and binds you by any supplemental terms, procedures and policies. EfarePlus Terms in addition, each transportation arrangement between both consenting driver and rider will constitute a separate agreement between such parties.

As an up-to-date and screened driver with EfarePlus, you are reliant on administration and other fees to receive your compensation through an exchange of providing your services to EfarePlus clients and render appropriate, respectful and timely services. Likewise, complementarily as rider you will follow basic common communication and acceptable normal behaviors within the law. If not completely paid in advance you agree and must pay immediately the mandatory charges or the total amount due for services and/or goods: which includes fees, tolls, taxes, surcharges, tips and other charges that are subject to Efare$Plusauthority, determination, discretion and pricing at the completion of the ride and services. Moreover, EfarePlus controls and establishes the right to add, remove and change charges, promotions, cleaning and/or repair fees and such to any accounts for services or goods. Appropriate fees for administration, driver, ride, security, service, damage, cancellation, other charges and no refunds may or may not apply, in accordance to EfarePlus discretion.

ALL PARTIES owners, owner-operators and clients are subject to our deactivation policy

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